Osteo Arthritis Ayurveda Treatments

Osteo Arthritis  Ayurveda Treatments Locomotory system includes musculoskeletal system in human body providing support and movement. The disorders of LMS can be due to specific causes.
Treatment of this degenerative bone disease comes under Sandhighata vata chikitsa. With specific Joint management with green bandage, Janu vasti(oil treatment), besides these, specific internal medicines for specific joint degeneration are given for better result....
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Osteoporosis Ayurveda Treatments

Osteoporosis Ayurveda Treatments Progressive loss of bone weight comes under Asthikshaya chikitsa with specific internal medicine for bone mass enhancement with, symptomatic strengthening oil, and poultice treatment Abyasa, Sastika pinda sweda, podikkizhy are also done to enhance and rejuvenate body. ...
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Rheumatoid Arthritis Ayurveda Treatments

Rheumatoid Arthritis Ayurveda Treatments Rheumatoid Arthritis is treated as per the principles of vatarakta chikitsa with treatments for early manifestation such as Lepa (poultice), seka medicated pouring of liquid medicines, and specific application of medicines internally according to doshas of Ayurveda. ...
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Calcanial spur Ayurveda Treatments

Calcanial spur Ayurveda Treatments The management comes under Astikatatavata with specific medicine to counter act osteoblast and osteoclase acticity in bone degeneration and balancing them to counter act degeneration. Specific bandage treatment with, dhara etc are selected and intermitant heat techniques with medicated solution is also applied....
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Reactive Arthritis Ayurveda Treatments

Reactive Arthritis Ayurveda Treatments Rheumatic fever, Reactive Arthritis and (SLE) are all due to altered immune response herbal medicines are given to modulate the immunity, specific blood tests are used to select the mode of treatment, treatment are given by daily observing the symptoms Lepa and seka are applied as per disease....
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