Alzheimers Ayurveda Treatments

Alzheimers Ayurveda Treatments The treatment depends upon the type of manifestation of disease; one type is due to sole degeneration. The other type is due to minor clots leading less circulation insufficiency of the brain. The treatment is selected as per the scanning reports and are classified as,
• Srotorodha Vata Kopa – that is vata kopa due to clots or block
• Kevala vata vyadhi – that is degeneration cause
• The treatment protocol in accordance with the type of manifestation
• Murdhataila( oil on head), Sirodhara Sirovasti even takradhara, are used to cure and body treatments including Abyanga,(Oilmassage) Pizhichil,(Pouring oil),and Poultice treatments.

Ayurveda Treatments