Multiple sclerosis Ayurveda Treatments

Multiple sclerosis Ayurveda Treatments The disease is degenerative aspect of the Neurons and involves optic manifestation also as the symptoms of disease. So the disease is treated both internally with specific treatments to prevent the degeneration of Nerve coatings and a progressive fight against the disease with treatments such as, Abyanga, Lepa, (medicated green medicine therapy for spinal nerve degeneration), pizhichil, sastika pinda sweda , podikizhy (powder bolus), elakizhy (leaf bolus), for prevention of ophthalmic complication the Ayurvedic Opthalmology principles are used and treatment such as Sekam (medicated eye wash), Aschotana (eye medication) pindi, vidalaka, putapaka, anjanam (collyrium), tarpanam(medicated ghee treatment of eye) are given

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