Ayurveda Hospitals Facilities

Bambo HousesWe also have special honeymoon packages which includes accommodation in your choice of stay, such as bamboo cottages and deluxe rooms in our picturesque and serene surroundings overlooking the Nila River, local sight seeing, experiencing the local art performance, boat ride and above all a refreshing and invigorating rejuvenation treatment. We also provide Health club, Yoga Hall, pool and prayer hall facilities.Stress management packages including Yoga classes for corporate clients and individuals are also arranged according to the convenience and holiday schedule of the Guests. We have conference facilities for corporate clients with food, accommodation, sight seeing etc.

[1] Allergies, Bronchitis
[2] Asthma, Eosinophilia
[3] Backache, Bone injury
[4] Menstrual Problems
[5] Endometriosis
[6] Frozen Shoulders, Gout
[7] Gastric Ulcer,
[8] Irritable Bowel Syndrome
[9] Eczema, Psoriasis
[10] Uro-genital Diseases
[11] Paralysis, Facial Paralysis
[12] Partial Paralysis, Jaundice
[13] Heart disease, Obesity

Ayurveda Treatments