Situated on the banks of the River Bharathapuzha, Thirunavaya was one of the venues for Mamangam, a grand assembly of the rulers of Kerala, held once every 12 years. This extravagant festival was conducted for the last time in 1766. (MAMANGAM MONUMENTS ARE WITHIN 500 METERS FROM MALABAR HEALTHCARE) Thirunavaya, situated 8 km south of Tirur in Malappuram district, Kerala, is the venue for the annual SarvodayaMela.

NILA RIVER (Bharathapuzha) is just behind our campus. Our guests can enjoy morning and evening walk in the shores of the River and watch Sunrise and Sunset . KandakurumbaKavu Temple, BiyyamKayal and Hanging Bridge,Thrikkavu temple. Veliyamcode Mosque, Chamravattom Bridge and Temple Ponnani Ferry, Light House are worth seeing." "KadampuzhaBhagavathy Temple is situated in MalapuramDist . The Goddess Durga worshiped in ParashakthiForm . The temple is unique as there is no idol in the temple. The temple is made in good ambiance . The main Vazhipadu is muttirakkal.


Padinharekara beach: Close to Ponnani and at the end point of the TipuSulthan road. It offers a breath taking view of the confluence of the river Bharathapuzha and Tirurpuzha with the Arabian sea.

Pilgrimage Centres

The ThirunavayaNavamukunda Temple is also a famous pilgrim centre. During Karkidakavavu, people flock at the banks of River Bharathapuzha here, to perform the pithrukriya for the departed souls. (1 K/M fromour hospital)

Trikandiyur: This ancient Shiva temple with an idol said to have been installed by Parasurama, is situated close to the town of Tirur, and attracts devotees from far and wide. This is six kilometers from our hospital.

Kadampuzha: In Melmuri village of Tirurtaluk is situated 3 Km north of Vettichira on the NH-17 connecting Calicut and Trissur and is famous for its Bhagavathi temple said to have been set up by JagadguruSankaracharya. (10 kilometers from our hospital)

Angadipuram: About 1.5 Kms west of Perinthalmanna. This is an important place on the Madras-Calicut Trunk road through which the Shoranur-Nilambur railway line also passes. This place has two well known temples Thirumandhamkunnu and Tali.

PonnaniJuma Masjid (Makkah of Kerala Muslims) is 12 Kilo Meters from Thirunvaya

Mumburam: Muslim shrine and receptacle for dead bodies of the Thangals (the relegious leaders of the malabarmuslims), situated in A.R.Nagar village; is a major pilgrimage centre of Muslims.

ValiyaJuma Masjid Malappuram: This is an important pilgrim centre of the Muslims of Kerala. The four day annual festival at the mosque(nercha) is celebrated in April. Adjoining the mosque is the mausoleum of the Malappuramshaheeds (martys) whose brave exploits have been immortalised in the Mappila ballads.

Pazhayangadi Mosque, Kondotti: (18km east of Manjeri. On the way to Malappuram): The three day long ValiaNercha feat at this 500 year old Muslim pilgrim centre, celebrated in February/March, is a local cultural event. MoyinKuttyVaidyar- Kondotty, the finest exponanent of MappilaPattu. His BadralMuneer - Husn-Ul-Jamal, the earliest romantic piece is praised for its craft.

Kottakunnu: One can see trace of an old fort at the base of the cantonment Hill. The fort was the first to be built by the Zamorins of Kozhikode. Nearby are the Vettakkorumakan Temple and the Siva temple with the famous murals of MalabarThere is a beautiful helipad at Kottakunnu.


BiyyamKayal: Close to Ponnani, is a placed greenery fringed waterway with a watersports facility recenlty set up by the D.T.P.C. (12 kilometers from Malabar Heal;thcare)

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary: The sanctuary which is spread over a cluster of islands covers an area surrounded by hillocks where the Kadalundipuzha flows in to the Arabian sea. Over a 100 varieties of native birds and over 60 varieties of migratory birds flock here (60 kms from our hospital)

Other Historical and Cultural places

The site of Melpatthur Illam, the home of the great poet, Melppatthur Narayana Bhattathiri; author of Narayaneeyam, ( 4 Kilo meters from our hospital.)

Thunchanchan Paramb, the birth place of Thunchath Ezhuthachan, father of Malayalam language, A week-long literary festival is organized annually in last week of December. The famous “ThunchanUtsavam” is held here every year in the first week of February. On Vijayadasami day hundreds of people throng to ThunjanParambu with their children, to initiate them into the world of letters. Poets and teachers help children to write on the white sands of Thunjanparambu with their fingers. Even budding poets and writers come here to offer their first works. This place is six kilometers from Malabar Healthcare.

Wagon Tragedy Hall Tirur:The Wagon tragedy was the death of a large number of prisoners on 10 November 1921 in the Malabar region of Kerala state of India. The prisoners had been taken into custody following unrest known as Mopilah rebellion in Malabar, and their deaths through apparent negligence discredited the British Raj and generated sympathy for the Indian independence movement.The British packed 70 prisoners into a railway goods wagon at Tirur railway station to be sent to the Coimbatore jails. By the time they reached their destination 61 of the prisoners had died from suffocation. A monument to this notorious tragedy can be now seen in Tirur.(7 Kilometers from our hospital)

Manjeri : The headquaters of ErnadTaluk, a place rich in history, and a witness to the vicissitudes of the Malabar rebellion and the indipendence struggle; also home to the renowned Kunnathmbalam, and the KarikkadSubramania temple; now an important administrative and commercial centre as well.

Tanur: The costal town Tanur was one of the earliest Portugeese settlements situated 8 kms from Tirur. It is believed that St. Francis Xavier visited this place in 1546. The Keraladheeswarapuram temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, which is one among the oldest temple of Kerala, is 3 kms, south of Tanur town. Keraladheeswarapuram is also a weavers settlement.

Tirurangadi: Tirurangadi was an important centre of the Khilapath movement, national movement and the Malabar Rebillion. It was the Tirurangadi incident on 20th Augest, 1921, that ignited the out break of MappilaRebillion. MumburamKizhakkePalli was the seat ofKhilapath leader Ali Musliar.

Nilambur: on the Calicut - Ootty highway, 40 Kms from Malappuram, this is an important halting place for tourists on route to Ootty, a trading centre in hill products and is well known for its teak plantations, said to the oldest in the world (Connolly's plot) and a well designed Teak Museum, which traces the history and uses of the wonder wood.

Adyanpara: Adyanpara lies in Kurumbalangode village of Nilamburtaluk and is famous for its water falls and the splendour of its wooded jungles.

Kodikuthimala: Kodikuthimala a scenic hilltop near Perinthalmanna, attracting tourists with it's panoramicviewes and DTPC has plans to develop this in to a major tourist spot in the district.

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